Serve more patients by offering affordable financing!

With LoanGlide, offer flexible payment plans so your patients can move forward with their treatment without worrying about the cost.


Why offer LoanGlide financing?


Ease Your Patient’s Concerns

Offer no interest and low interest loan options to increase affordability for your patients.


Boost Your Revenue

Serve more patients by offering flexible payment plans and Increase your revenue.

How it Works

Simple application takes less than 3 minutes and checking rates does not affect credit score!


Enable Better Care with our Promotional Financing Plan

No sign-up costs, No membership fee

Promotional Financing

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  • Rates from 0% APR
  • Small merchant/dealer fee per loan
  • Funds sent to you
  • Get notified every step of the way
  • Activation after quick verification

Customer Testimonial


Why should I use LoanGlide?

With LoanGlide’s financing options, you can offer your customers more convenient payment options. It helps you enable everyone to purchase your service and grow your business.

What does LoanGlide cost me?

You pay a small fee, Merchant Discount Points, for every loan that is approved for your customer. LoanGlide lenders offer various loan programs to meet your and your customers needs. For more information, please contact our Support Team by either phone or email. Phone: 1-888-856-2645 Email: support@loanglide.com

How do I get started?

You can sign up for an account here and the LoanGlide Merchant Enrollment team will contact you to complete next steps and training. Once all steps are complete, you will be able to offer LoanGlide to all your customers.

How do my customers use LoanGlide?

Invite your customer to get pre-qualified and apply with LoanGlide by sharing an estimate using the Invite link in your Merchant portal. Customers will receive a text with a unique link to start their application. Once they are approved, you will be notified and can continue with your service. After service has been completed and the borrower has authorized your payment request, your payment will be disbursed in your account in 1-3 business days. Your customers will pay the loan to the Bank, who initiated their loan, based on the Loan Agreement.

How do I get paid?

When you create your LoanGlide account, you will be asked to provide your Bank Account details so that your payment can be direct-deposited to your account once your request for payment has been approved by the customer. After service has been completed and the borrower has authorized your payment request, your payment will be disbursed to your account in 1-3 business days.