Marketing assets

Offering LoanGlide is smart. Marketing your new financing offering to your customers on your website, emails, flyers and every other possible way is even smarter and we make it a breeze.

LoanGlide Logos

Use any of the approved logos by downloading them for your digital and non-digital marketing material to let your customers know that you offer LoanGlide financing. Having the logo clickable with your custom URL is an excellent way to encourage your customers to explore financing options in preparation for their project. Customers love it when businesses offer alternate payment options and make it easy to get started!

Please do not make any modifications, including stretching the logo. The primary logo to be used should be the default black text with green glider. When background or print restrictions necessitate use the other 2-color logos. Ensure ample room for the logo by placing it in sufficient space and away from other elements and imagery.

Choose from the logos below

available in format PNG / SVG

Default Logo

For use on light background

Default Logo

For use on dark background

White on Black

For use on black background

Black on White

For use on white background

Two Color Logo

For use on green background