Refund Policy

Last Updated: January 9th, 2023

The team at LoanGlide recognizes that circumstances might change regarding customers and their purchases. A customer could have taken a loan but decides to discontinue the project and wants a refund of any payments made to the merchant. To address such situations, LoanGlide has put together a Refund Policy based on best practices to preserve the goodwill of all parties involved.


  • In the above situations or other circumstances involving a refund we request the merchant to resolve with the customer and mutually agree on the refund amount.
  • Once the refund amount is agreed with the customer and written authorization is received from the customer, the merchant should request a refund for the customer’s loan from their merchant portal for the refund amount. This amount will be drawn from the merchant’s bank account and transferred to Five Star Bank on behalf of the customer towards the loan outstanding

  • Upon receiving the funds from the merchant, the refund amount will be applied to the unpaid balance of the loan of the borrower. Any refund that exceeds the loan amount may be paid by the merchant directly to the customer.
  • Upon completion of the borrower’s refund transaction, LoanGlide will return the merchant fees on the loan amount to the merchant depending on the period lapsed between the first authorization date and effective date of the refund:

Time elapsed 

% of merchant fees that will be refunded

Processing fee

Under 30 days



30 days to 60 days



60 days to 90 days



90 days to 120 days



Greater than 120 days




Refund policy for borrower

  • Any refund claims are subject to your contract with the merchant and their refund policy. Borrower will need to resolve the refund claims or disputes directly with the merchant.

Please contact your LoanGlide team with any questions at (888)856-2645 or support@loanglide .com.